These Siberian Huskies Playing On A Frozen Lake Look Like They’re Straight Out Of A Fairy Tale

Some places of our beautiful world are absolutely magical, and one of these is without any doubt the northernmost part of Russia, where photographer Fox Grom captured these amazing images of his two Siberian Huskies walking on an incredibly reflective frozen lake.

The subtle layer of water that lays on the thick ice heightens the perceptions that these two dogs are walking on a giant natural mirror.

If you want to see more of Fox Grom’s amazing work, take a look at his Vkontakte page.

(h/t: fubiz)

husky-frozen lake-2

husky-frozen lake-11

husky-frozen lake-1

husky-frozen lake-7

husky-frozen lake-9

husky-frozen lake-8

husky-frozen lake-3

husky-frozen lake-4

husky-frozen lake-12

husky-frozen lake-5

husky-frozen lake-6

husky-frozen lake-13

husky-frozen lake-14

husky-frozen lake-10

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