What This Cat Does For All His Friends At The Animal Shelter Is Almost Unbelievable

Gratitude is something we rarely see in humans, so we don’t expect much of it from animals, but we are certain the story of Radamenes will make you change your mind.

This black cat from Bydgoszcz, Poland, was brought to the animal shelter with a bad respiratory infection. Nobody would have bet a dime on his survival, but Radamenes did it and after a full recovery he started to do something the vets had never seen before. Perhaps for a gratitude feeling or for empathy with the other animal patient that were going through the same stages he already went through, he started taking care of them, just like a nurse does.
He cuddles, massages and cleans them, especially the ones that went through difficult operations, becoming a real custody angel for all the convalescing animals at the shelter.
(h/t: Boredpanda)

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Radamenes has been saved by vets from a respiratory infection. Now he tries to give back what he received by helping other animal patients at the shelter


When brought in nobody thought he would have survived


All of a sudden the vets heard him purr and tried to save him


After a complete recovery, Ramenes start taking care of other animals, hugging and cleaning them


He takes special care of the animals who went through important operations


Radamenes is now the mascot of the animal shelter


And a full time nurse


This definitely dispels the myth about black cats


The world needs more humans with Radamenes’ selfless attitude


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